2018 West Gippsland Dance Festival

1. The Adjudicator’s decision is final.
2. All competitors will dance completely at their own risk.
3. The Committee will not accept late entries and there will be no alteration to any entry after the running sheet is made public.
4. The Committee reserves the right to refuse entries.
5. The Committee reserves the right to request proof of age at any time.
6. Competitors entering solo sections shall only enter their own age group in either open or novice sections – not both
7. Any Competitor placed 1st or 2nd or 3rd in any competition in the past 3 years (from July 9th, 2015 until July 8th 2018) must dance in
Open section.
8. Teachers or a Parent will be allowed side stage during their student’s/child’s item.
9. A competitor who stops and leaves the stage during an item can reappear for a “crit” only, unless it was through no fault of their
own. Dancing for a crit only in a qualifying section will not achieve eligibility for championship sections. Dancers will not be
permitted to reappear for crit only in Championship sections.
10. Age of competitors participating in ALL SECTIONS (SOLOS / DUOS / TRIOS and TROUPES) to be determined as at 1st January
11. Competitors may appear only once in any section including Duos/Trios and Troupes. Competitors participating in Duos/Trios can
only enter one age group in each style of dance.
12. Competitors are not entitled to a refund of fees in cases of non-appearance in any section.
13. Where only one competitor presents, they will be adjudicated to such standard which the Adjudicator deems appropriate.
14. The Committee reserves the right to disqualify any person who communicates with the adjudicator during the course of the
15. Time limits will be strictly adhered to or face disqualification – timing of dance commences from start of music or movement,
whichever comes first, and finishes at end of movement, music or leaving stage. Music tags must be included in time limits.
16. All competitors participating in Championships and Scholarship Section, are required to be present on stage for presentation,
failure to appear will result in disqualification.
17. Troupes must contain a minimum of 6 members.
18. Props may be used in all sections. Dangerous props will not be allowed.
19. Sections can be combined at the Committee’s discretion, if there are insufficient entries.
20. Personal requests from individuals for specific or preferred days or times to perform during the festival WILL NOT be
21. Protests must be made in writing, signed by the protester and lodged at the Secretary’s table not more than 10 minutes after the
adjudication. Protests must be accompanied with a deposit of $20.00 which will be forfeited should the Committee deem the
protest frivolous.
22. Background vocal or non-competing side stage assistance is not permitted whilst competitors are singing in Song & Dance
sections – this will result in disqualification.
23. A CD player will be provided by the Committee. All music must be submitted in CD format or IPod: IPod only if a teacher is there
to operate it. IPod’s must be cued to the exact spot, each item of music must be in a separate playlist and they are the teacher’s
responsibility to play and stop through the system our venue provides us. All competitors must check in prior to the start of the
section. CDs shall contain only one track per disk. CDs shall be recorded in CD audio format only cd-r or cd+r only (not rewritable).
NO OTHER FORMAT e.g., mp3, wma, aac, will be accepted.
24. Students taught by the Adjudicator, on a regular basis for greater than 10 weeks within the past 12 months, will not be eligible to
enter this competition.
25. Students must perform on stage in order as per the program.
26. The Committee reserves the right to appoint another adjudicator should the need arise.
27. No blackouts in Tap, National and Classical sections.
28. (27.1) This competition is open to Amateurs Only. “Amateur” to mean one whose regular income or part thereof is not derived
from dancing/teaching. Students under the age of 17, registered in full time academic studies are exempt from this rule.
(27.2) “Student Teachers” who are instructing no more than 4 students in private lessons, and/or who are assisting in class with
a teacher present at all times may dance as Amateurs.
29. Cameras or recording equipment will not be permitted in the auditorium whilst competitors are performing, with the exception of
the video and photo personnel hired by the Committee.
30. The Committee will not be responsible for lost items. (Lost item enquiries to be made to the Secretary)
31. Due to copyright laws – all dancers must have the permission of the choreographing teacher to perform dance/s. The
Committee will not be liable for any copyright infringements.
32. In the event of a draw occurring in an Aggregate award, a trophy will be awarded to each winner.
33. No person under 18 years of age can assist with roster positions.
34. Current fulltime dance students may only enter the Scholarship Section. A student is classified full time if they are enrolled and
attending a certified/accredited full time course regardless of whether they attend academic school as well. They will not be
eligible to enter any other section listed on the entry form with the exception of Troupes.
35. Past full time students who have now returned to regular school and after school dance lessons are eligible to enter all sections
having ceased full time dance studies as at 31
st December of the previous year of the current Festival. This only applies to
students aged 18 years of age and under. Competitors in this section are exempt from Rule 27.1 and 27.2.
These sections will only be run if sufficient entries are received – subject to the committee’s discretion.
36. A competitor who has entered under a specified school at time of entries closing may NOT perform at the festival under a
different school. Students may only perform under the school as it appears on their entry form. Please note: changes cannot be
made after the closing date of entries.
37. In the event of an accident or illness, an ambulance may be called. Any associated cost incurred will be charged to the parent.
Ambulance subscription is recommended.
38. Each competitor participating in a Championship section must have a representative complete a FULL rostered position in the
days preceding this section or they will forfeit their championship eligibility/entry. No requests to change will be facilitated by the
WGDF. No persons under the age of 18 can fill any rostered position.
39. Troupe Listings. All schools entering troupes must present to the Festival Secretary a list of all troupe members (in age groups),
together with the name and date of birth of each competitor. Please use info@wgdf.com.au. Complimentary competitor’s passes
will not be provided unless the troupe list reaches the committee by close of entries. A competitor’s pass may not entitle entry
to the theatre for all sections and competitors may be asked to vacate if insufficient seats for paying customers.
40. Costumes, choreography and musical lyrics must be appropriate for a family audience. The adjudicator will have authority to
govern what is deemed inappropriate, which will result in performing for a crit only.
41. Any audience member whose conduct is off-putting to competitors will be asked to leave and if they are also a competitor they
could face disqualification. Inappropriate behaviour will not be accepted at any time.
42. The above rules are set at the Executive Committee’s discretion.

Genre Expectations
a) Classical – The Performer focuses on their Classical Technique using formalized movements and positions
of their arms, feet and body, designed to enable them to move with the greatest possible agility,
control, speed, lightness, and grace to a piece of classical dance music. A short Tutu and ballet shoes
must be worn.
b) Demi Character/Character – a dance in ballet representing a character.
c) Neo-Classical – allows Performers to use their Classical Ballet technique to dance to modern music in
flowing costumes suited to the mood.
d) Creative / Lyrical – The Performer uses their dance skills, technique, expression and feeling through their body
movements and face to connect with and relay the story/theme and mood of the piece of music/song
chosen to the Audience. They must tell the story.
e) Modern – Modern Jazz style of dance which may include jazz, Broadway jazz, musical theatre/comedy, disco or hip hop
(solo/duo sections). Music and costumes should be suited to style of dance chosen.
f) Contemporary – Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several
dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect
the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Contemporary dance stresses versatility and
improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet. Contemporary dancers focus on floor work, using
gravity to pull them down to the floor.
g) Song & Dance – The Performer must sing a portion of the performance to showcase their vocal ability and dance in
a style that suits the music chosen and costumed appropriately. Song and soft shoe or song and tap are allowed in this section.

h) Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of


Please read the following from the

Art Centre

Participating Dance Schools
West Gippsland Dance Festival 2018

Backstage/dressing room safety and welfare

On behalf of the management of West Gippsland Arts Centre, and in collaboration with the organising committee of the West Gippsland Dance Festival 2018, I draw your attention to the following procedures for the conduct of this year’s event.

For the safety and welfare of participants we ask that the following procedures be implemented by all Dance Schools and entrants.

Each school MUST provide identification for all of their parents and helpers who they decide will need to be in the designated dressing room areas. Schools must make sure the ID is worn by the volunteer at all times and it needs to be easily visible. It should be allocated by each school in the form of a badge or lanyard showing the name of their Dance School and name of the volunteer. This identification is to be easily recognisable by Committee/ Arts Centre Staff.

Anyone without ID will be asked to immediately leave the Dressing Room areas.

Please remind all parents and helpers this procedure is for the safety and welfare of the children participating in the festival.

Dance Teachers are also requested to display back stage passes at all times when in the back stage area, again this is for the safety and welfare and comfort for all involved.

We seek your cooperation and look forward to these steps providing comfort and security to all participants. If you would like to discuss the safety and welfare procedures please contact me.

Yours sincerely


Deb Giles
Venue Operations Coordinator
West Gippsland Arts Centre, Warragul